Pre-Concert Tune Ups

These fun and informative talks take the mystery out of classical music. The knowledgeable and friendly presenter paints a fascinating picture of the forces that shaped the composers and their music while providing a helpful preview of what you are about to hear. Join us one hour before each FSO Classical Concert to enjoy these presentations – included with your ticket for the evening’s performance! 

October 8, 2016 • 7:30 pm
November 12, 2016 • 7:30 pm
February 25, 2017 • 7:30 pm
March 25, 2017 • 7:30 pm
April 22, 2017 • 7:30 pm
May 13, 2017 • 7:30 pm
Meet The Presenter
Gregg Emerson Powell has been the Principal Bassist of the Flint Symphony Orchestra for several years now and has played with the orchestra for many more years. He holds the same position with the Ann Arbor and Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestras; and performs as a freelance musician all over Michigan. He came to the double bass relatively late in life, at the ripe old age of 22 (having just finished a degree in Economics, with a minor in Psychology, at the University of Michigan). Fortunately for him, one of the greatest bass teachers on the planet, Lawrence Hurst, just happened to be teaching at the U of M back then. Other teachers include Robert Gladstone (late principal bassist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) and the legendary Stuart Sankey.